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BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Congestion charging 'a success'
Feb 17, 2004 . Mr Livingstone said: "Congestion charging was a radical solution to a long- standing problem. . Mr Livingstone has already said the zone could double in size if he is re-elected as . The only effects overall must be negative.

BBC News - Threat to sue over London congestion charge scrapping
Dec 6, 2010 . The western extension of congestion charge zone is due to be . economic and social impacts showing overwhelmingly negative results.

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    • BBC NEWS | UK | Views split at C-charge epicentre
      Feb 19, 2007 . The BBC's Matt Prodger spent the day in the new congestion charge zone weighing up the pros and cons.

      Are congestion zones a good idea?
      Congestion charge zones could have quite a negative impact on people . Source 4 is one of the biggest news companies, the BBC, which always provides .'sWay%20Congzones%20sources/pdfs/61325.pdf

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      Are Congestion Zones a Good Idea? First of all, what are congestion ...
      Congestion zones are a designated zone in which vehicles are charged a . Many argue that there negative effects of congestion zones for the city and its inhabitants. The . Source 2: stm .'sWay%20Congzones%20sources/pdfs/61324.pdf

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    • London congestion charge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Edinburgh City Council proposed a congestion zone, but this was rejected in a . The BBC reported in October 2005 that the AA Motoring Trust estimated that 1 .

      National Alliance Against Tolls - London Congestion Charge
      Aug 24, 2009 . The original London zone with a charge of five pounds came into force on . and traffic would be less - BBC - "Congestion charge comes into force". . said (page 9) that "The congestion charge has had a negative impact on .

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      Urban Vehicle Congestion Pricing: A Review
      level of congestion is realized if the negative marginal external cost is imposed to each driver. This . 2 . congestion-charging zone anytime between 7 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. weekdays.

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    • ABD - London Congestion Charge
      Jan 13, 2011 . The truth about London's so-called 'congestion charge'. . to pay, where the zone is, or how you can pay, for such questions refer to the official Congestion Charging website: . BBC — Capita boss quits over Blair loan . 68.9% of respondents feel the charge has had a negative impact on their business.

      Congestion charges: Running out of road? - Home News - UK - The ...
      Nov 24, 2008 . It is difficult to tread a path between these, though a BBC survey of 17000 . Congestion might drop within the zones but it will increase outside them. . sensitive but it means people can't debate the pros and cons properly.

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      Congestion Charging:
      Congestion charging – like other forms of road pricing – remains a political . arguing that local schemes, like London's, could significantly reduce the negative economic and . charge for entering a specially designated zone or crossing a cordon. . 16 See: .

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      Manchester Transport Congestion
      The advantages and problems associated with introducing road Congestion charges in . quicker as fewer vehicles are entering the congestion charging zone. . be spent on improving current public transport ( h2g2) (4th . Congestion is a negative externality, the price has to be increased on car .

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