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View topic - SCREEN Command in Windows XP • QuickBasic Cafe Forum ...
Dec 30, 2011 . QuickBasic Cafe Forum :: QBasic Message Board. QBasic Cafe • Downloads - Tutorials . Post subject: SCREEN Command in Windows XP. Post . Board News, Off Topic, Trash, QBasic Forums (english), QBasic / QuickBasic .

QBasic - "Program too big" error when shelling in XP
Nov 17, 2004 . I even put the "mem /c" command in the batch file prior to running ghostscript . A problem with XP and QuickBasic is that QuickBasic cannot .

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    • Liberty BASIC Home Page
      QBasic and Windows FAQ. . A - Most copies of Windows (except XP) that came on a CDROM include QBasic, which can . Specifically, the INP() function and OUT command do not work with Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

      How to Install QBasic With Windows XP | eHow.com
      How to Install QBasic With Windows XP. Quick Basic, also called QBasic, was a staple of Windows programming in the 1980s, and was bundled with the .

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      QuickBasic in Windows XP? - Windows-XP-General-Discussion - Windows-XP
      Hello, We are interested in running, revising and compiling some Quickbasic programs on a new XP server. What do we have to.

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    • QBasic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      (However, some localized versions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP still have it, and it can be given out as freeware.)... QBasic (as well as the . by running QBASIC.EXE with the /EDITOR switch (i.e., command line "QBASIC /EDITOR".

      Qbasic On Windows Xp - Programming - Nairaland
      4 days ago . Plz ppl i want to know how u can run qbasic on windows Xp and i created a calculator but i didnt get it all well so it cant add plz can any one help with the command codes? . NET or some advanced language out there.

      Bay Area out command quickbasic xp Training

      QBasic Forum FAQ
      What is the difference between QBasic and QuickBasic? How do I post . How can I make LPRINT work in windows XP? How can I get . with QBasic? Which commands conflict with windows? . Why am I getting an "Out of Stack Space" error?

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    • Introduction to QuickBASIC
      Go through each of the commands and sample codes described here to verify that they . Run QuickBasic by typing qb at the DOS prompt and press ENTER. . To output to an I/O port, you use OUT port,datum, where port is the output port . ( from 0 to 2?) and saves it as a sequential text file in x,y format (on the boot disk).

      DOS and Windows XP [Archive] - Bad Astronomy and Universe Today Forum
      Apr 22, 2007 . You'll need a QBasic interpreter that'll run under XP. . are coded to explicitly not run under different versions of the command.com interpreter.

      A&M out command quickbasic xp Course

      Microsoft Qbasic Download Free Download
      . your program. Click to Download Microsoft Qbasic Download For Free Now! . Run like command prompt. Qbasic 1.0 . Windows 2K / XP / 2003. Freeware .

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      Qbasic, Quickbasic - Questions and Answers from June 01, 2007 to ...
      Q: I wrote a program in QBasic on XP and want to print the output screen. . QBasic can play "music" easily through the PC speaker using the SOUND command. . got here is homework and we don't do homework but I will help you out all I ..

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